It’s not that I do not want to kill you but there is a far greater satisfaction in torturing you, making you suffer and letting you live as a vegetable while I thrive and you are aware that I destroyed you, your dreams and your family. Vengeance needs to be decorated, plated, and presented well.

Man in the Kitchen

I know this sounds scary but I can assure the kitchen and the building are still intact. I decided that my first documented effort in any form of cooking has to be a South Indian staple. The chilli powder that we South Indians swear by whenever we see a dosa or idli is fairly easy […]


She lazed with her head on his thighs. His warm hands on her cheeks; caressing. She looked at him reading. She closed her eyes and decided to enjoy the caress. The slow movement of his thumb moving sideways and his other fingers inching slowly to explore her neck heightened her anticipation and killed her sleep.

5 Minutes

He I knew her for 3 years and we were comfortable in our skins. Valentine’s Day was not a special day for us but every weekend was. It was the weekend and we both were lazing in bed after breakfast, sharing and reading a book, sipping on tea I had made. The afternoon sun crept […]

Bankerupt – Book Review

Having read all of Ravi Subramanian’s earlier fiction writing and having met him, which I wrote about in my post titled The Author and His Thought Process, I was all set for his next novel. Ravi lived up to his promise when he had revealed that there would be less of the banking industry in […]

Devil in Pinstripes – Book Review

This is the fourth book of Ravi Subramanian that I have read and is a personal favourite of mine. The story is coloured with different shades of grey. In the book If God was a Banker there was a clear white and a clear grey character. This is not so in Devil in Pinstripes. The […]

First Sighting

The snow storms were getting worse and weather was getting unpredictable. Getting stuck in the Hindu Kush during winter meant death. Girika and his soldiers were retreating and the mountain passes were closing for winter. They were the last group to leave. They had a simple mandate; to keep an eye for who was coming […]

Book Review – Ravi Subramanian

It’s always difficult when you have read multiple books by the same author and try to compare. It is tougher if you have not read his or her books according to release date and time. The attempt here is to look at the good, bad and ugly of the stories. If God Was a Banker […]

Smile at a Stranger

This post is written for That Tuesday Thingy, an *IndiBlogeshwaris* initiative The imagery and the music of the Time Traveller draws you into a world of simple truths that many of us have forgotten. Our smiles have been replaced by scowls and we have truly forgotten how to smile at a stranger or walk around with […]