All (U) Need to (C)

Every time an Indian wicket falls, a fan loses his patience but that is not enough to make the fan look away or stop following the game or keep tracking the score. Since the game was introduced in India by the British, we as a country have taken the game and made it our own.… Read More »

Ek Nayi League

A new league that should not be played with all of one’s heart; sounds negative at the onset. When one looks at the videos of its brand ambassador, Kapil Dev, one can infer that this new league is not about competition but about fun and a lot of fun. Why would it be about fun?… Read More »

Walk Together

It was one of those days that you will never forget. It was a chilly winter morning and the sun tickled everyone with its mild heat. Suhas parked the car and held the steering wheel. His nails were digging into the soft grip. He got out of the car and the press of the button… Read More »

Start a New Life

The writing prompt has been provided by College years are the time that we are told to dream and try and achieve the dreams. I was no different. I had dreams. I wanted to be in banking like the rest of my family and extended family. It was the beginning of a lot of struggle… Read More »

My look up story

I was born in a middle class family. My father was a business man and mother was a housewife. We had a famous garment showroom in the heart of the city. During my childhood days I was really happy to work with my father at his showroom. I loved clothes and used to spend the… Read More »

The Survivor

He was not an honourable hero but an intelligent survivor. They came for him when he slept but he never slept on the bed. He slept under the floor boards aware of the minutest of noises. The creaking floorboards told him of his enemies’ presence. He waited until it was opportune and emerged from his… Read More »

Pens, Papers and Handwriting

I had forgotten what it feels like to put pen to paper. Almost all my note taking is either on a laptop or on my mobile phone. It is either type or swipe depending on the device. Writing is limited to writing on cheques or signatures. I do not have a very good handwriting and… Read More »


It’s not that I do not want to kill you but there is a far greater satisfaction in torturing you, making you suffer and letting you live as a vegetable while I thrive and you are aware that I destroyed you, your dreams and your family. Vengeance needs to be decorated, plated, and presented well.

Man in the Kitchen

I know this sounds scary but I can assure the kitchen and the building are still intact. I decided that my first documented effort in any form of cooking has to be a South Indian staple. The chilli powder that we South Indians swear by whenever we see a dosa or idli is fairly easy… Read More »


She lazed with her head on his thighs. His warm hands on her cheeks; caressing. She looked at him reading. She closed her eyes and decided to enjoy the caress. The slow movement of his thumb moving sideways and his other fingers inching slowly to explore her neck heightened her anticipation and killed her sleep.